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In today’s technology era, most of our devices simply need to be plugged or placed onto a charger. The same is true for the newest generation of hearing aids! Gone are the days of remembering to buy and change your hearing aid batteries. Now you simply place them in their charger overnight, and they should be fully charged by the time you put them back on the next morning. 

Starkey, a major hearing aid manufacturer, has one of the best charginsystems on the market. Instead of the disposable battery, these rechargeable hearing aids have a Lithium-ion battery. When placed in the charger, they take about 3 hours to reach a full charge and they cannot overcharge. The hearing aids connect with the charger using magnetic attraction, so putting them in and taking them out is a breeze! On top of that, the charger will hold 3 additional charges for your hearing aids if you lose power or you want to take a weekend get-away without taking the full charging cord. Starkey is also the first manufacture to release a custom rechargeable hearing aid along with their behind-the ear style! 

To learn more or schedule a consult, please contact Gardner Audiology at 1-800-277-1182 or email for more information. 

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