Best Over the Counter Hearing Aid values in South Tampa

South Tampa consumers may see OTC (over the counter hearing aids) in their local big box stores and drug stores. They will probably range in cost from about $300 and up. When you buy these OTC hearing aids you will not receive any assistance or support from the retailer. The internet will have even more sites that sell all kinds of aids.

The U.S. Congress has given the FDA the task of defining exactly what an OTC hearing aid will be. Manufacturers anticipate that will happen late in 2018 or early 2019.

What value will the consumer place on a hearing aid that is not prescription fitted by a hearing healthcare professional? That may depend on how severe their hearing loss is and how much they depend on hearing aids for social and occupational events. Consumers will get a much better value if they can find $400 to $500 hearing aids from a local audiologist. In a competitive market such as South Tampa they should be able to find hearing aids in that price range.

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