Best Over the Counter Hearing Aid value in St. Petersburg

Some consumers in St. Petersburg, Florida may be waiting for Over the Counter (OTC) hearing aids to show up on the shelves of their local drug store because last year Congress passed legislation allowing some devices to be sold without the need for a hearing test.

OTC hearing aids are not ready for sale yet. The manufacturers are waiting for the Food and Drug administration to define exactly what an OTC hearing aid is. That may not happen until sometime in 2019.

What will the cost of OTC hearing aids be? Many in the hearing industry think they will range from $400 and above. When you buy an OTC hearing aid your will not receive any assistance or support from the retailer.

Do local hearing aid stores and audiologists offer hearing aids at these prices? Yes, and you will also receive and exam and support services with your purchase. For instance, Gardner Audiology has a very good national brand hearing aid that costs $490 and includes hearing exam and prescription fitting.

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