Consumer update of new hearing aid invention studied by Gardner Audiology in Tampa Bay

In 2014 Gardner Audiology decided to study consumer opinion of Starkey’s new 3 Series hearing aid invention. We offered to loan the 3 Series models to Tampa Bay consumers for a comparison study. The opinions of over 300 participants surprised us.

The shape of this small over the ear aid was not an issue for the participants. We think that consumers made that decision based on how the hearing aids disappeared on their ears. The 3 Series is inconspicuous on the ear and the toggle switch on the aid and optional the optional wireless remote control were very easy to use.

Our patients hear so much better with 3 Series in a surprising way! Although their ability to hear in noise was measurably better than previous aids, they overwhelmingly noticed improved hearing in calm listening situations and group conversation. The unique way that this hearing aid amplifies sound is superior to other hearing aid technologies!

We will collect data from an additional 100 patients between now and the end of the year.

Gardner Audiology thanks the thousands of consumers who have participated in our hearing aid research over the past 5 years.

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