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User opinion of the Starkey Livio I2400 hearing aids

I am a 40 year hearing industry expert but more importantly I am a hearing impaired consumer.  I have suffered from hearing loss since a 1969 explosion in Viet Nam. Since then I have been passionate about helping people overcome the same communication challenges that I have suffered.

In 1982 I founded Gardner Audiology. My mission for the company was to improve the quality of peoples’ lives with the best possible hearing. Gardner Audiology works with all the major hearing aid manufacturers including, Starkey, Oticon, Signia, Widex and Phonak.

I wear and research brands before recommending products to our 16,000 Tampa Bay, Florida patients. About 4 weeks ago I was fitted by Starkey with the remarkable Livio AI model 2400. I was skeptical at first until I had the first phone conversation through my hearing aids. The sound was so natural and clear that I feared others would hear the call but no one did except me. The phone call was automatically sent to my aids from my iPhone.

The noise management was superb. Loud and unimportant conversation on my right side were squelched and my partner’s conversation on the left was amplified and clear.

Starkey hit a home run with the Livio, but the best is yet to come. In early 2019 these aids will translate multiple languages in real time and also alert loved ones and your doctors if you fall or have other health problems.

The Starkey Livio sets the standard for hearing devices that are also healthcare devices.

I am proud to offer the Livio to my patients. They are now my everyday hearing aids and healthcare devices.

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Daniel Gardner, M.S.

Daniel Gardner, M.S.

Founder and CEO of Gardner Audiology