Comparing the value of hearing aids with Gardner Audiology in St. Petersburg, Florida.

For some people, choosing the best hearing aid can be a challenging decision even if they trust the recommendations of their hearing healthcare provider. My patient, RM, in St. Petersburg is definitely having difficulty with that decision. He knows that he wants one of the Starkey hearing aids that he has been wearing for the past 30 days. He hears better with all of them but measurably better the higher level model. His dilemma is that he does not know if it of value for him to spend more money for the best hearing possible. He can afford any of the aids, even the most expensive. He is trying to make a value decision.

I have worn all the different performance levels of hearing aid technology from most of the major manufacturers. More expensive hearing aids definitely sound natural in the presence distracting noise but less expensive hearing aids sound great in quiet environments. The decision to invest in hearing aids is a personal journey. Hearing healthcare professionals can predict what hearing aid will give you the best hearing but they cannot predict what hearing aid is the best value for you. Thankfully in the state of Florida you have the ability to try a hearing aid for 30 days so you can decide for yourself.

So what will RM decide to purchase on his final visit? I do not know. Only he can determine the value of the best hearing possible.

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