Comparing Hearing Aid Models with Gardner Audiology in Inverness, Florida

R.S was a long standing patient of Gardner Audiology in Inverness, Florida. She was currently wearing eight year old hearing aids and was ready to see if newer technology would be beneficial. R.S. noticed she was struggling more in noisy situations. She was counseled regarding her options and she initially decided to try the Starkey X70 hearing aids.

At her first follow up she commented that everything was too loud and “crinkly”. At her second follow-up she commented that she had been wearing her old hearing aids and preferred them over the newer ones. She returned the X70 hearing aids and said she would try again at a later date.

One week later R.S was back in the office commenting she was not doing as well with her old hearing aids as she recalled and wanted to know if she could try something else. This time she chose the Starkey Aries, which is closer “technology-wise” to what she was wearing. At her follow-up she stated she was doing very well and really liked this much better.

R.S. paid the following week and thanked us several times for allowing her trial two different sets. She stated she is comfortable with what she purchased and feels she made the right decision for her.

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