Common Questions about; Do I need Hearing Aids?

If you are considering purchasing your first set of hearing aids, you may have some questions. Here is a list of the most common questions our patients ask us.  

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How do I know if I need hearing aids? 

The best place to start is with a hearing test. Hearing tests are a quick and easy way to determine if you have hearing loss. It’s also important to think about how your hearing is impacting your life. Are you noticing difficulty? Are friends and family feeling like you aren’t hearing well? Your Audiologist will consider your hearing test and your lifestyle to determine whether or not hearing aids would be beneficial for you.  

What brand of hearing aid is the best? 

Overall, most of the top hearing aid brands are fairly similarHowever, your Audiologist may recommend a certain brand based on your specific needs. It can also be beneficial to work with a brand that your Audiologist is very familiar with as this could mean easier in-office repairs (due to stocked parts), closer relationships with the manufacturer’s customer service team, better pricing and more!  

What style of hearing aid is the best for me? 

Hearing aid style is largely dependent on your hearing loss. Most people will notice the most benefit from and over-the-ear style because they tend to offer the best sound quality and durability. Custom in-the-ear styles are appropriate for people with a specific type of hearing loss who have cosmetic concerns.  

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How long do hearing aid batteries last? 

Traditional hearing aid batteries last anywhere from 3-10 days. Custom in-the-ear hearing aids tend to have smaller batteries which last around 3 days and over-the-ear hearing aids have slightly larger batteries that last 7-10 days. Most of our patients are currently choosing rechargeable hearing aids. Rechargeable batteries last all day and are charged every night.  

How long do hearing aids last? 

This can be a tough question to answer! The lifespan of your hearing aid depends most on the styland your care and cleaning. Over-the-ear styles tend to last long than in-the-ear styles because they are more protected from moisture and sweat when sitting on top of your ear as opposed to something sitting in your ear. In Florida, this should be a major consideration. And while today’s hearing aids are generally low maintenance it’s important to take care of your hearing aids with recommended at-home cleaning and to have routine hearing aid checks with your Audiologist at least 2x/year.  

In general, hearing aids last anywhere from 4-5 years and up. Some patients like to upgrade their hearing aids when new technology comes out and some have hearing aids well over 5 years old that they choose to maintain with an extended warranty package. Hearing aids can live a long life if they are properly cared for!  

Do I need two hearing aids or is one okay? 

If you have hearing loss in both ears, then yes, you need two hearing aids. It can be helpful to compare our ears to our eyes. If you have a visual impairment you have to wear two lenses for help with things such as depth perception. The same thing goes for our ears! Without two hearing aids you will experience issues such as a perceived imbalance between the ears, difficulty with localization, and increased difficulty in noisy situations. If you are considering one hearing aid due to cost concerns, talk to your Audiologist. It may be beneficial to consider a lower level hearing aid that you are able to afford two of.  


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