Cochlear Nucleus 6 implant Review by Gardner Audiology

Cochlear was founded in 1978, in Australia, by Graeme Clark who had for years been searching for ways to help his deaf father. Cochlear Americas was established in 1984 with headquarters outside of Denver, Colorado. In 1985 Cochlear was the first to be FDA approved for their multi-channel device. Clinical trials began shortly thereafter for pediatric implantation.

The current implant and sound processor by Cochlear is the Nucleus 6 which offers two sound processors, both built from tough materials to withstand active lifestyles. One of these processors is the most compact on the market. Both processors will be able to work with a future range of wireless audio accessories.

Former Miss America Heather Whitestone McCallum is a Cochlear Nucleus implant user.

Cochlear Nucleas Implant


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