See a Clearwater Doctor, not a salesman, to buy Signia Hearing Aids

The path to better hearing is very important!  Although the hearing aid you buy plays a role in your success, the provider you work with can play an even bigger role!  It is your audiologist’s job to walk you through the process so you understand what your options are and can make the best decision for YOU as a person.  At Gardner Audiology in Clearwater, FL, we believe in our patients seeing a Doctor, not a salesman.  You will not feel pressured to make a decision when coming to us! 

If you are interested in Signia (formerly Siemen’s) hearing aids, we are an authorized clinic and can help you decide which of these hearing aids are the best choice for you.  The Signia Pure Charge & Go has been a popular choice for its rechargeable and Bluetooth technology!  However, they have hearing aids in all shapes and sizes to fit your individual needs.  

Please contact Gardner Audiology at 1-800-277-1182 or email for more information. 

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