Citrus County Audiologist Offering Dizzy and Balance Assessments.

Dizziness and balance disorders can be a challenging and debilitating ordeal to go through. In some disorders, a patient can even feel like the room-or they themself-are spinning. This phenomenon is called vertigo and it can be a sign of pathology of the balance system. 

One’s balance system is maintained by three different systems that work together and send information to the brain. These are one’s visual, skeletal, and vestibular systems. The vestibular system is located within the inner ear and gives our brain information on where we are in space when movingWhen there is a deficit in one system, it can lead to a balance disorder. 

Since there are many balance disorders that can vary in cause and severity, it is important to have a balance assessment to help determine a possible problem within one’s system.  Dr. Lauren Benoit, a Doctor of Audiology in our Crystal River Office, is an expert on performing balance assessment called Videonystagmography (VNG). This particular test looks at different areas of one’s balance system to get to the bottom of what is causing the dizziness. 

It is always important to talk your primary care doctor if you are experiencing dizziness, especially after a recent change in medical health or medications. Gardner Audiology is proud to provide VNG testing to patients with their doctor’s referral. For more information, please contact us at (800) 277-1182 or email 

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