Citrus County agencies and Gardner Audiology partner with The Starkey Hearing Foundation to change the world one hearing impaired person at a time.

HS has been a long time patient of Gardner Audiology in the Crystal River office of Citrus County. He has worn hearing aids most of his life. Unfortunately, due to finances, he has relied on CHIPS (Citrus Hearing Impaired Program Services) and the Starkey Hear Now organization for hearing aids and hearing aid services.

CHIPS is non-profit United Way Agency servicing Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals of Citrus County. They offer a variety of services including interpreting, advocacy, information, referrals, sign language classes, and more. They are also a distribution center for FTRI (Florida Telecommunication Relay Service) FREE amplified phone program.

Hear Now, a division of the Starkey Hearing Foundation, is a national non-profit program committed to assisting deaf and hard-of-hearing persons with limited financial resources who permanently reside within the United States with hearing aid devices.

With the help of these two organizations, HS is hoping to qualify for new hearing aids. His current hearing aids are over 6 years old, with one being approximately 10 years old. At this point we are waiting to hear. When he is approved, Gardner Audiology, a proud sponsor of both of the above mentioned organizations, will donate our professional time to fit and provide follow-up services for HS to ensure the best hearing possible.

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