Why Choose Gardner Audiology?

You’re looking for an audiologist, possibly because you’ve noticed a change in your hearing, or perhaps you are looking to upgrade your existing hearing aids… but why choose Gardner Audiology? You should choose them for the same reasons I did- the patient focused care, the supportive and professional environment, and the dedication of the staff.

Unlike some practices, at Gardner Audiology you will not see any salesmen and there is no pressure to buy hearing aids. Our providers are licensed audiologists, who are invested in you and your hearing! We work with most insurance companies and can help find hearing aids that work with your lifestyle and your budget. Gardner doctors do not operate under the “turn ‘em and burn ‘em” mentality, they want to see you succeed and are devoted in your hearing health. The doctors and staff are accommodating and polite, and above all, patient. My 6-year-old daughter has a single-sided hearing loss and was fit with her hearing aid by Gardner audiologist. The audiologists were patient and kind, treating my young daughter with the utmost respect. They answered her questions, soothed her nerves, and provided her age appropriate options. In my time with Gardner, I have seen the same level of respect and attention afforded to every patient. Every question, concern, or need we have presented has been handled quickly and professionally.

The quality of care extends beyond just the audiologists. From the patient care coordinators, to the administrative staff, each Gardner Audiology employee prides patient care above all else. Never have I had a better experience, or met better people, than at Gardner Audiology. Call to schedule an appointment today and invest in better hearing!

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