Change the world by donating hearing aids to Starkey Hearing Foundation at Gardner Audiology locations in St. Petersburg.

Last night was the premier episode of the Starkey Operation Change on the Oprah Winfrey Network (Own). It is an amazing series about how one on one acts of kindness can change the world. The Starkey Hearing Foundation contributes to world peace and prosperity through volunteers who help the world hear one person at a time. They are well on their way to fit over one million free hearing aids throughout the world.

Steven Sawalich, Founder Bill Austin, and Tani Austin of the Starkey Hearing Foundation were in Haiti to film the first episode of Operation Change.

You can be part of this movement by helping the Starkey Hearing Foundation with simple acts of kindness in your own town. Consumers can donate their money or old hearing aids to the foundation. Local professionals can donate their time to fit hearing aids on impoverished Americans through Hear Now, the American division of Starkey Hearing Foundation.

You can donate hearing aids to the Starkey Hearing Foundation via one of the Gardner Audiology locations in St. Petersburg, Pasadena, Inverness, Zephyrhills or Crystal River. You can also sent them directly to the Starkey Hearing Foundation, 6700 Washington Ave. S., Eden Prairie, MN 55344 (800) 648-4327; Fax: (952) 947-4997.

Audiologist and Hearing Aid Specialists can donate their time through Hear Now in order to help needy hearing impaired people in their home town. They can also volunteer for the Starkey Hearing Foundation missions in other countries.

My company has donated it’s time to Hear Now for many years. We have been enriched by the experience.

The first Operation Change episode was filmed in Haiti. Don’t miss the future 9 episodes.It is on Bright House Cable Network Channel 20 at 10 pm on Mondays.

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