Origin of the Word Tinnitus

Tinnitus, from the Latin word “tinnire”, meaning to ring or tinkle like a bell, is a hearing ailment that affects over 35 million Americans. The word tinnitus is derived from the word tintinnabulation, which designates the ringing, jingling, or tinkling of bells. The English dictionary may have had the word tinnitus as early as 1685. No doubt that tinnitus […]

Soundcure Tinnitus Treatment Interview by Gardner Audiology

Tinnitus (noises in the ear) is a major complaint of our 5000 patients. We are always looking for solutions to their problem, so last year we latched on to an American company called Soundcure. They patented a treatment device called the Serenade. They trained us how custom fit this device and they provide stellar support […]

Tinnitus Relief and Sleep

DL came to me on a Friday with complaints of tinnitus. He reported a history of noise exposure and has had ringing in his ears for many years. This year he was diagnosed with cancer and has begun treatment including radiation. Approximately three weeks ago, DL’s tinnitus changed. Two new sounds started, in addition to […]

Tinnitus Relief from Starkey Wi 110 Hearing Aids

Mr. S. has a history of exposure to loud music which probably caused his hearing loss and bothersome tinnitus (noises in his ears). Before consulting me he did his homework on hearing devices that offer relief from tinnitus. He came to me with a list of hearing aids that had built in tinnitus maskers. I […]

My Ear Is Screaming From Tinnitus

August 29, 2011 began as a typical work day. As I drove to work, I suddenly began to hear tinnitus in my left ear. Over the years I would occasionally hear noise in my ears, but it would only last a few seconds and then would disappear. This time the noise did not disappear. It […]

Will Hypnotherapy Relieve Your Tinnitus

I empathize with any patient who has tinnitus (noises in the ear) because I experience it and my very close friend and associate also suffers from tinnitus. I am somewhat comforted with the knowledge that mine was caused by a head trauma during my service in the Navy. Doctors cannot tell my associate and many […]

Tinnitus Can Cause Bankruptcy

One of my patients is in the process of filing for bankruptcy because his new insurance company denied a hospital claim for his recent $500,000 dollar brain surgery. His insurance claimed that the brain tumor was pre-existing based on the fact that he consulted a physician about tinnitus 5 years ago. Yes, tinnitus is a […]

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