Day on the Hill Reflection

The following is an excerpt by Brieanne L. Salzman a University of Florida Doctor of Audiology Student in an article posted on the Florida Academy of Audiology website. “Today I had the opportunity to advocate for something that I am so passionate about: hearing aids for children with hearing loss. The day started with nervous […]

Hearing aids can help people keep socially connected and active

MS was brought to the Zephyrhills office of Gardner Audiology by a friend and neighbor. She has longstanding moderately severe hearing loss and came with one broken hearing aid and one older, working hearing aid. Her friend commented that she was becoming socially isolated, due to her inability to communicate. MS chose to Field Study […]

Gardner Audiologist, Dr. Angela Schenk supports Hearing Care for Children Act

We spent Wednesday, January 10, at the Capitol building in Tallahassee seeking support for Senate Bill 890 and recently introduced House Bill 1427, The Hearing Care for Children Act. My boys, Nick and Alex were with me and approximately 50 other Audiologists, Audiology students from USF, UF and FSU, and other families visited every senator […]

What type of Tinnitus do you suffer from?

There are 4 types of tinnitus; subjective, sensory, objective, and somatic. Subjective tinnitus This is the most common type of tinnitus, and it is often caused by exposure to loud noise. Subjective tinnitus is something only you can hear. It can come and go, and can vary in length and intensity. Tinnitus is bothersome for […]

Gardner Hearing Aid Reviews Updated for 2017

Gardner Audiology has updated their reviews of some of the most popular hearing aid brands for the brand new year. Click the links below to read the updated 2017 reviews by our Audiologists. Updated Reviews for 2017 Unitron was founded in 1964 and has its international headquarters in Ontario, Canada. Unitron is part of the […]

What type of hearing loss do you have?

Below is a brief explanation of each of the three basic types of hearing loss as described by the Better Hearing Institute: 1) sensorineural, 2) conductive, and 3) mixed. Gardner Audiology has almost 10,000 patients throughout Tampa Bay with one of these types of hearing loss. The first step in any attempt to improve hearing […]

Tinnitus treatment options in Tampa Bay, Florida

Tinnitus is the perception of sound in the ear or ears when no sound is present. It may be a ringing, buzzing, or whistling sound. It may sound like steam or crickets. Some perceive the sound to be in their ears, others feel it is in their head. Tinnitus is not a condition or disease, […]

Tampa Bay discount hearing aid programs often limit provider access and value

Almost daily we see patients in our offices asking about discount programs for hearing aid purchases. Sometimes, when insurance companies do not pay anything toward the purchase of hearing aids, they may offer a “discount” program. Sometimes group memberships (such as AARP, NRA, Blue365, etc.) will also list a “discount” on hearing aids as a […]

Hearing aids and tips for better communication

Hearing loss can be stressful for all parties involved in a conversation. For the hearing impaired, struggling to make sense of what is being said when hearing speech as a mumble is frustrating, fatiguing and annoying. Trying to converse with a soft spoken person can be especially difficult. On the other side, a person develops […]