Gardner Audiology is an AETNA Hearing Aid Provider in Crystal River and Inverness, Florida

Some Aetna Health Insurance Company plans may offer hearing aid benefits. Audiologists Dr. Jodi Conter and Dr. Angela Schenk in the Crystal River and Inverness offices of Gardner Audiology are providers for Aetna Health Insurance. Most plans cover diagnostic hearing evaluations when ordered by a physician. While some plans do, not every plan has hearing […]

Corporate hearing aid stores vs. patient centered doctors

When seeking hearing care services there are many things to consider. Looking at all of the advertisements for hearing aids can be very confusing. The two general hearing care models are corporate (profit driven) and patient-centered audiology doctors (satisfaction driven). “Big Box” stores, such as Costco are based on selling as many hearing aids as […]

Audibel hearing aid service and repair in Citrus County, Florida

If you own an Audibel hearing aid or need a second opinion before you purchase one then Dr. Angela Schenk, Gardner Audiologist, can help. Dr. Schenk earn her masters degree from Purdue and her doctorate from AT Still. earned his audiology degree from the University of South Florida She can fix your Audibel hearing aid […]

Assistive hearing devices replace or enhance hearing aids in Citrus County, Florida

Hearing aids, when fit properly, help many people. At times though, and in certain situations, a little extra help is needed. This is where Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) or Hearing Assistive Technologies (HATs) may be warranted. There are several different options available, for use with or without hearing aids to help communicating easier, thereby less […]