What type of Tinnitus do you suffer from?

There are 4 types of tinnitus; subjective, sensory, objective, and somatic. Subjective tinnitus This is the most common type of tinnitus, and it is often caused by exposure to loud noise. Subjective tinnitus is something only you can hear. It can come and go, and can vary in length and intensity. Tinnitus is bothersome for […]

Research shows severity of tinnitus is related to emotional processing

New research shows that the impact tinnitus has on your life could be a matter of how your brain processes emotions. 2017 908 Research shows severity of tinnitus is related to emotional processing​. ​ ​Tinnitus​, ​or ringing in the ears, you might already know how debilitating it can be. Or perhaps you are one of […]

2017 Starkey Muse Hearing Aid in Noise Comparison Study

Both new and existing hearing aid users want the ability to hear and better understand speech in noisy environments such as restaurants, social events and parties. Gardner Audiology, a Tampa Bay hearing health company known for it’s consumer satisfaction research, did a hearing aid comparison study of the new Starkey Muse wireless hearing aids in […]

Gardner Hearing Aid Reviews Updated for 2017

Gardner Audiology has updated their reviews of some of the most popular hearing aid brands for the brand new year. Click the links below to read the updated 2017 reviews by our Audiologists. Updated Reviews for 2017 Unitron was founded in 1964 and has its international headquarters in Ontario, Canada. Unitron is part of the […]

Tricare Hearing Aid Coverage – Gardner Audiology

Gardner Audiology is an approved in-network provider for Tricare Military Plans.  This page is a general guideline and your coverage may be different as the benefits from these plans change on a regular basis.  We recommend you personally verify your coverage, or allow the Gardner Audiology Insurance Team to verify your coverage.  Tricare provides hearing […]

Doctors, not salesmen, seek participants for free hearing aid study

Gardner Doctors of Audiology will provide Free loan of new hearing aid technology in exchange for your opinion on questionnaires Participants receive Free: candidate screenings, prescription fittings, and loan of best new technology. Benefits of new technology Hear whispers up to 100 feet away. Compatible with iPhone and Android Phones. Watertight design reduces expensive repairs. […]

Tampa Blue Cross Blue Shield Hearing Aid Provider

Gardner Audiology is happy to announce our newest Blue Cross Blue Shield location located in South Tampa. All Gardner Audiologists are BCBS providers. We provided diagnostic testing, at the request of you physician. We also are BCBS hearing aid providers. Typically, insurance companies often do not cover hearing aids. Medicare set the standard by excluding […]

Movies and Other Discoveries After my Cochlear Implant

Before caption glasses came out I hardly went to movies because it was hard to understand the dialogue. I would rather wait till the movie came out on TV with the captions. Or I would only watch movies with a lot of action. Now It is great having the caption glasses and also enjoy hearing […]

One member impression of the 2016 Florida Academy of Audiology Conference

I think that I have missed only one FLAA conference over the past 15 years so I have a good reference to how the 2016 conference compared to previous ones. First, I liked the hotel. The Wyndham Grande has good amenities and is convenient to family fun locations in Orlando. I felt that attendance was […]