Starkey Genesis AI 24 Hearing Aid User Review

I’ve been a full-time hearing aid user for many years. I started wearing aids after an injury to my ears while serving in the Navy. I am also the CEO of hearing clinics in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. My Audiology Doctors work with all 6 of the major hearing aid manufacturers. I am […]

Sony CRE-C10 Hearing Aid User Review

  Introduction   I have a mild hearing loss in my left ear and a mild to moderate hearing loss in my right ear and, I have worn hearing aids for at least 30 years. As an audiologist, I enjoy trying and reviewing new hearing aid models and technology. I was excited to test out […]

Bose SoundControl Hearing Aid Review: Pros and Cons

Background  There is a new category of hearing devices. In 2017, the US Congress passed legislation allowing vendors to sell Over the Counter (OTC) hearing aids that you can buy off the shelf or on the internet without so much as a hearing test or visual inspection of your ear. This month the FDA finally got around to defining what an OTC device is.  The new Bose SoundControl would be classified as an OTC hearing aid.  I’m a […]

Review of Hearing Aid Apps

Many of the hearing aids available today offer connectivity to an app created by the manufacturers.  These apps are available at no cost for both Apple and Android products, depending on the model.  Some patients have asked “why would I need an app?”.  This is a great question as it may not be something you thought about during the process of getting hearing aids.    Each […]

Unitron Hearing Aid Review

Unitron is a hearing aid company that is based in Canada and is owned by Sonova AG. Unitron offers hearing aids in all types of sizes, which ranges from in-the-canal (ITC) to behind-the-ear (BTE), and different technology levels, ranging from entry (500) to premium (Pro). Like with many other manufacturers, they offer Bluetooth connectivity, rechargeable […]

Widex Moment 440 Hearing Aid Review

When listening to music through hearing aids, many patients perceive music to be distorted and they are unable to enjoy music. Sometimes the processing of the hearing aids causes that artificial sound and distorted signals.   With the Widex Moment 440, music will sound more natural and won’t have that distorted quality hearing aids have! The Moment […]

Relate 2.0 Reserve Hearing Aid Review

The Relate 2.0 Reserve is a hearing aid line that is offered by United Healthcare Hearing, also known as EPIC, and is manufactured by Unitron. Typically, this hearing aid will be offered to United Healthcare customers at a discounted price that is often less expensive than other hearing aid manufacturers depending on the health plan. The Relate 2.0 Reserve is a top-of-the-line hearing […]

Review of Phonak Audeo P30 vs P50

The Phonak Paradise hearing aid line was launched in several different levels of technology, the P30, P50, P70 and P90.  This blog will focus on the differences between the Phonak Audeo P30 and the P50.  Both of these devices are receiver-in-canal hearing aids, meaning a small piece sits behind the ear, with a thin wire that runs into the […]

Audiologist Reviews Signia 1x Hearing Aid

The Signia 1x Pure 312 RIC is an entry level, over the ear style hearing aid with a thin tube that runs down into the ear.  It has become a more popular option for patients with certain health insurance plans who have this device covered with no out of pocket.    One advantage to this device is the Bluetooth technology, allowing […]

Review of Phonak’s Pediatric Sky M50 Hearing Aid

Phonak is a major contributor to pediatric hearing aids.  Pediatric hearing aids differ from adult hearing aids in several ways.  Hearing aids for kids are tamper proof, making it so only adults can get ahold of the battery of the hearing aid.  They also have specific programming options specific to children’s learning goals.  They have coded lights that […]