What Are Invisible-In-Canal (IIC) Hearing Aids?

IIC or Invisible-In-The-Canal hearing aids are the smallest devices on the market today. Their tiny design makes them virtually invisible from view. If you’re looking for a perfect blend of innovation and sheer subtlety, these aids may be for you. Many of our Tampa Bay, Florida, customers choose these over many other options. Let’s explore […]

Audiology Doctors Publish Hearing Aid Prices in St. Petersburg, Florida

Whether you are a new or experienced user, shopping for new hearing aids can be a stressful process. You ask yourself, who should I see, where should I go and how much will I pay.  Although hearing aid vendors are obligated to show you their price list it is uncommon to see them publish them […]

Largo Experts Compare Hearing Aids

Gardner Audiology has recently acquired Suncoast Audiology. We’re thrilled to be bringing their team on board and offering services in the Largo area. You can also find our audiology locations in St. Pete / Pasadena and Palm harbor. Visit the Suncoast Audiology website for a great comparison on the different types of hearing aids. https://suncoastaudiology.com/services/hearing-aids/

Overview of Hearing Aid Coverage in Ultimate Health Plans

Did you know if you have Ultimate Health Plans Medicare Advantage plan, you may have hearing aid benefits?   Benefits depend on what type of plan you have. A $1,000 per ear benefit is common, which does offer you an option with no out-of-pocket cost! The Gardner Audiology Doctors are in-network Ultimate Health Plans for your hearing […]

Pinellas County Blue Cross Blue Shield Hearing Providers– Review of Benefits.

The Gardner Audiology Doctors are in-network with not only Florida Blue, but we’re a preferred in-network provider for all Blue Cross Blue Shield contracts! The amount of benefit will depend on what type of plan you have. If your health insurance is through your employer, benefits are dependent on the individual plan. We’ve seen patients […]

Starkey Genesis AI 24 Hearing Aid User Review

I’ve been a full-time hearing aid user for many years. I started wearing aids after an injury to my ears while serving in the Navy. I am also the CEO of hearing clinics in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. My Audiology Doctors work with all 6 of the major hearing aid manufacturers. I am […]