Buying Phonak Hearing Aids in St. Petersburg, Florida

There are many things to consider when purchasing hearing aids. For the new user it can be overwhelming. There are many choices regarding style, technology level, color, accessories, and manufacturer. The choice of manufacturer may be the most important decision. A safe way to start is to consider one of the top six manufacturers in the world; Phonak, ReSound, Starkey, Oticon, Siemens, or Widex. These companies have been around for quite some time and are known for quality and innovation. They are widely distributed, making adjustment or repair while away from home much easier than a lesser known brand.

Phonak is part of the Swiss conglomerate Sonova which also includes Unitron hearing aids and Advanced Bionics cochlear implants. Phonak is distributed worldwide and has dispensing affiliates in St. Petersburg. Phonak dispensers receive ongoing training and support to maintain a high level of expertise with Phonak products with local seminars, in office training, and online training.

Current technology of interest offered by Phonak includes Audeo V line of hearing aids that include automatic adaptation; no need to push a button for a different environment, the hearing aids automatically adjust. In combination with enhanced speech sound processing, this feature gives better clarity and comfort in noise. Phonak is also known for Its CROS II (contralateral routing of signal) technology devices which transmit sound from the poorer hearing ear to the normal hearing ear. This technology is for those with single sided hearing impairment.

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