Buy ReSound Hearing Aids in St. Tampa, Florida

Gardner Audiology in Tampa is a provider of Resound Hearing Aids

There are many choices regarding style, technology level, color, accessories, and manufacturer of hearing aids. Choosing a provider of services is most important. Resound is one of the manufacturers that have been around a long time. They are widely distributed, making adjustment or repair while away from home much easier than a lesser known brand.

Resound was founded in 1984 by Rodney Perkins and is now part of the GN Store Nord based in Denmark. ReSound is widely distributed worldwide and has dispensing affiliates in the St. Petersburg and Tampa. ReSound dispensers receive ongoing training and support to maintain a high level of expertise with ReSound products with local seminars, in office training, and online training via the internet. In the event of questions, consumers can contact support staff by phone call and internet chat.

Current technology of interest offered by ReSound includes the Linx2 platform of hearing aids. Wireless connectivity to iphone, iPad, and iPod Touch, and the Apple Watch is possible with the ReSound Smart app. Another benefit of the Linx2 is Binaural Directionality II with Spatial Sense technology. This sound processing feature gives a better awareness of where sounds are originating from and better clarity in noise.
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