Where to buy and repair hearing aids in St. Petersburg and South Pasadena, Florida

We at Gardner Audiology sell and fit all major brands of hearing aids but often see new patients who are searching for repair services on their old aids.

Siemens, Phonak, Starkey, Oticon, Widex, and Resound are major brands of hearing aids that can be supported by Gardner and most any audiology clinic or hearing aid store in South Pasadena or St. Petersburg. If you hearing aid is over 5 years old the manufacturer may not support it however there are independent all make repair labs that will repair most any hearing aid regardless of age. Starkey Hearing Technologies is the largest U.S hearing aid manufacturer and they also have the largest all make repair lab in the world.

A word of warning. Some hearing aid stores are not motivated to repair an old hearing aid because they would rather sell you a new one. If you are told by a hearing healthcare professional that your old aid is unrepairable then get a second opinion. Although you may hear better with new hearing aid technology you should be offered the option of repairing your old aid.

Gardner Audiology is St. Petersburg and South Pasadena can often perform in office repairs on most any make of hearing aid. Call Gardner at 800-277-1182 to obtain a repair quote. Gardner will loan you new hearing aid technology in order for you to compare the value of new aids verses repairing your old aids.

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