But My Hearing Loss is Only Mild!

What is mild hearing loss and why is it significant? Mild hearing loss is often overlooked because hearing loss is a slow gradual process. When hearing loss is in the mild stage, the person with the hearing loss may not even realize they have a problem. Often it is family and friends who comment that they are repeating conversation, or the volume of the TV is turned up. The person with the hearing loss will often comment that people are mumbling or not speaking clearly, and that is why they are misunderstanding. Mild hearing loss is a clarity problem, not a “hearing” problem. You can hear people speak, but did you say mouth or mouse? Fin or thin? 

Unfortunately, statistics reveal that on average people wait about 7 years after they notice hearing loss before they seek treatment. There is a lot of research now that shows the link between untreated hearing loss and dementia.  Even mild hearing loss has resulted in brain reorganization. However, improvement has been noted after consistent use of hearing aids! That is a very good reason to address hearing loss early on.  

A recent study found that adults with hearing loss who used hearing aids on a regular basis had a 24% lower risk of mortality than those who never wore them.  

Another reason is that the longer the brain goes without stimulation, the harder it is to adapt to hearing again. Reintroducing the sounds early on usually results in better acceptance of hearing aids.  

Wearing hearing aids can reduce your risk of fall, lessen social isolation and depression, improve cognitive abilities, and make peace in your family! Everyone should have a baseline screening done.  

At Gardner Audiology, with 10 locations throughout the Tampa Bay area, our Doctors of Audiology can help you on your journey to better hearing. If you would like more information on hearing aids or would like to schedule an appointment for a hearing screening, please contact Gardner Audiology at 1-800-277-1182 or mail info@gardneraudiology.com. 

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