Can I borrow new hearing aids in Tampa Bay before I decide to purchase them?

Yes, it is true! Gardner Audiology will loan you the hearing aids of your choice before you make a decision to purchase them! Have you been interested in trying hearing aids but afraid to take the plunge? Would you rather try hearing aids to see if you experience benefit before you sign a purchase agreement? Through Gardner Audiology, you can! Gardner Audiology has partnered with major hearing aid manufacturers including Starkey to conduct what is known as a “field study.” What is required to participate in the field study?

First, you will visit at our Spring Hill, Crystal River, or Zephyrhills or our other locations for a hearing screening. Based on your hearing loss, hearing needs, lifestyle, and budget you will work one-on-one with one of our audiology doctors to determine to best level of technology for you. Next, you will complete a survey that allows you to assess how you are doing in different listening environments. For example, how well do you communicate in group settings or can you understand someone in a moving vehicle?

Next, you will be scheduled for a hearing aid fitting of loaner hearing aids at no cost. Not only will your hearing aids be fit to a unique prescription based on your hearing loss, you will learn how to use the hearing aids, and incorporate them into your daily life. You will then attend the clinic for two follow-up visits to assess how you are doing with the hearing aids and have your questions answered. At your second follow-up visit, you will complete a post-fitting survey to determine in you experienced any improvement in different listening environments. If you love them, you can purchase the hearing aids and still have an additional 30-day trial period! What if you haven’t experienced benefit? That’s okay, you will just return to hearing aids to us!

At Gardner Audiology, we understand that this is a big decision and commitment to lifestyle change.. No one can determine if you experience hearing aid benefit but yourself. That’s why we believe it is fundamentally important for you to try the hearing aids before you make a commitment to them. Interested in learning more about our field study? Please contact Gardner Audiology at 1-800-277-1182 or email .

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