Sophono Surgically Implanted Hearing Aid: A Review by Gardner Audiology

2015 Update:

Sophono now offers the Alpha 2 MPO. The Alpha 2 MPO offers more accessible gain (meaning we can turn it up) without feedback. The Alpha 2 MPO also offers four programs, eight channels for fine tuning/adjustibility, and nearly two weeks’ battery life.

Sophono and Hangzhou Nurotron Biotechnology Sign Definitive Cooperation Agreement, Creating SophonoTron
Read a review, Published on August 21, 2014 in the Hearing Review
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Sophono is the newest medical device manufacturer specializing in implantable, abutment free bone conduction hearing aids, coming into the US market in 2006. Their Sophono hearing aid models are a semi-implantable percutaneous (meaning by way of the skin) bone conduction hearing device coupled to the skull through an implanted titanium fixture. The Sophona products recently received clearance from the FDA allowing patients to have MRI’s. Current Processors include the Alpha 1 and Alpha 2.

Girl wearing Sophona surgically implanted hearing aid.
How the Sophono Hearing Aid Works.

Implantable magnets are used to secure the sound processor behind the ear. The device consists of three elements: 1. A titanium implant containing two magnets 2. The externally worn sound processor and 3. External magnets with varying strengths to ensure comfort and safety. The system transfers sound to the inner ear via the bone, bypassing the outer or middle ear. Candidacy is restricted to individuals with mixed hearing loss, single sided deafness, and malformations of the external or middle ear .


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