Gardner Audiology Reviews Oticon Medical Surgically Implanted Hearing Aid

2015 Update:

Oticon Medical has added the Ponto Plus to their product line. The Ponto Plus is the most powerful bone anchored sound processor with wireless possibilities on the market.

Wireless Capabilities were added as well, by adding the Ponto Streamer. When used in conjunction with the Ponto Streamer, a device worn around the neck, the Ponto Baha user has access to three main buttons: phone, TV and microphone. It can also be used for/with the following devices: cell Phone, TV, Loop systems, house or work phones, FM systems, as a remote, with iPads/iPods and computers. (Some devices require additional accessories)

For more information about the Ponto Streamer, please talk to your hearing care professional.

Oticon Medical is a semi-implantable percutaneous (meaning by way of the skin) bone conduction hearing aid coupled to the skull through an implanted titanium fixture. The system transfers sound to the inner ear via the bone, bypassing the outer or middle ear. Candidacy is restricted to individuals with mixed hearing loss, single sided deafness and malformations of the ear (external or middle).

The Oticon Medical hearing aid anchors to a skull implant

Oticon Medical’s Pronto and Pronto Pro hearing aid processors offer a wider abutment with less bone removal therefore allowing for a greater contact surface. Oticon Medical also offers a trade in special for those wanting to upgrade their transducer, especially when newer devices become available.
Oticon Medical Medical hearing aid can be upgraded at a later date.


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