Best Hearing Aid Manufacturers for Palm Harbor, FL

Making the decision to improve your quality of life by moving forward with purchasing hearing aids can feel exciting and challenging. One of the most common questions our Largo Audiology Doctors hear is, “what is the best brand of hearing aid?” There is no simple answer to this. There are 6 major hearing aid manufacturers, and we work with all of them! Each manufacturer offers unique sound processing algorithms which are beneficial depending on your specific hearing loss. While some may prefer the sound quality of one manufacturer, another patient may not. 
To get hearing aids, a hearing evaluation must be completed. The type of hearing aid recommended is based off your hearing test, lifestyle, and financial concerns. Every hearing aid dispensed at our office will be programmed with a prescription for your individual hearing loss. We complete real ear verification measures to make sure the hearing aids you are receiving are programmed accurately. Some other locations that dispense hearing aids do not offer this type of verification and work with a limited number of manufacturers.  
The most important thing to remember is who you see is more important than the brand you buy. For the best outcomes see a Doctor of Audiology instead of a commissioned salesperson. 
Please call Gardner Audiology to learn more on how to schedule an evaluation/consult with an Audiology Doctor in Largo at 1-800-277-1182 or email at We look forward to helping you with your better hearing journey!  

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