My Baby Needs a Hearing Aid: Part 2

As you may recall, I wrote a blog earlier going through the finding out my youngest son, N.S., had hearing loss. I also stated that due to the type of hearing loss he had and the malformation of his ears, we would be proceeding with surgery for a bone conduction hearing aid. Well, the time has (almost) come.

In the past several months we have seen two different Ear, Nose and Throat physicians regarding his hearing loss and the surgery. MRI’s were performed (to ensure skull thickness) and lengthy discussions about the different devices that are offered. We ultimately changed physicians as our original physician did not offer the device, we as a family determined would be best suited to N.S.

We will be going for a trial fitting within the next month. Surgery is scheduled for March 20, 2014. We will being having the device fit on both sides, meaning titanium studs and posts placed in the mastoid bone behind both ears. He will have two months of recovery and for the post to osseo-integrate (bone to harden around the device) before activation.

As the date approaches, I must admit to being a little nervous as well as excited. I have waited for this day for almost five years and it is almost here! We have talked about the “new hearing aids” with N.S. Our biggest hurdle at this point is convincing him that he will no longer be able to sleep with his hearing aid. They will have to go in a “special box” at night to sleep. He is beginning to let us take his current one off at night, so I am optimistic that he will do well.

At this time, activation date is set for May 23, 2014. Stay tuned…..

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