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Authorized Starkey Hearing Aid Repair Center in Dunnellon, Marion County, Florida

In Marion County, Florida the Gardner Audiology hearing center in Dunnellon can perform most Starkey hearing aid repairs in their Dunnellon office on the same day. 

They also support consumers with a series of “How to Videos. Visit Gardner and click on the “How to Video tag. 

Sometimes major repairs are necessary. If your hearing aid is under a manufacturer’s warranty, Gardner Audiology will honor that warranty and send the hearing aid out for you as a courtesy.  If your hearing aid is not under a manufacturer warranty, we can still help!  Starkey hearing aid repair costs are reasonable and come with a one-yearepair warranty. 

As aauthorized Starkey for 45 years, Gardner Audiology  can help you with most any problem you have with Starkey hearing aids. 

For more information, please call our Dunnellon office at 352-448-1772 or reach out to us through our website Gardner Audiology has repair centers in Marion, Citrus, Hernando, Pasco, Hillsborough and Pinellas counties. 

See A Doctor Not A Salesman.  Dr. Angela Schenk manages the Gardner Audiology center in Dunnellon. She is a Starkey expert. She is  here to help you with all your Starkey hearing aid needs. 

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Daniel Gardner, M.S.

Daniel Gardner, M.S.

Founder and CEO of Gardner Audiology