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Authorized SoundGear hearing protection retailer in Pinellas County, Florida

Although hearing protection should be used at some point by most people, the percentage of people who use hearing protection when they should be is very low.  This can be because it isn’t convenient or handy, but a common complaint we receive is “I need to be able to hear around me.” 

SoundGear custom hearing protection devices solve this problem by only limiting sounds that reach a certain decibel level.  Because these devices rely on electronic or active sound suppression, sounds that do not reach a damaging level are passed through, and can even be amplified.  However, when a sound is detected above the damaging level (such as a gunshot), the device actively suppresses those sounds to protect your hearing.  This can be very beneficial for law enforcement officials, first responders, hunters, and avid shooters.   

Gardner Audiology is an authorized SoundGear provider and has locations in Palm Harbor and South Pasadena, Florida.  Want to learn more about custom hearing protection?  Contact Gardner Audiology at 800-277-1182 or 

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Dr. Rachel Conter, Gardner Audiologist

Dr. Rachel Conter, Gardner Audiologist

Gardner Audiologist
Dr. Rachel Conter, Gardner Audiologist

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