WS Audiology (WSA) builds Widex, Signia and Rexton Hearing Aids

WS Audiology, also known as WSA, is a multinational hearing aid manufacturer that strives to “to deliver Wonderful Sound for All” by integrating their services in different markets and in price points to make hearing care accessible by all. This company was first created when two brands, Widex and Sivantos, merged in 2019 and is […]

What is a Visual Hearing Scan?

Have you ever wondered if your hearing aids are set appropriately for you? If so, you may find benefit from a procedure we call Visual Hearing Scan.   Visual Hearing Scan (VHS), also known as speech mapping, is an objective tool that audiologists and hearing care professionals use to verify your hearing aid settings are set […]

Starkey Genesis Ai Hearing Aid model 12 and model 16 Review

The Genesis Ai is Starkey’s newest hearing aid model on the market and was released February 2023. The Genesis AI is an upgraded model from their Evolv AI line and has different features but retains their use of artificial intelligence and use of their Deep Neural Network. The Genesis AI has a longer daily battery […]

Phonak Lumity Hearing Aid Review

Phonak’s newest hearing aid line is called the Lumity and features the updated AutoSense OS 5.0 and SmartSpeech Technology compared to their Paradise line. Both AutoSense OS 5.0 and SmartSpeech Technology make changes to the hearing aids to provide easier speech understanding. The ActiveVent receiver is compatible with the Lumity line and can provide more […]

Mask Safety with Hearing Aids

With the pandemic, we are still wearing our masks in medical offices. However, the masks become a nuisance because if we’re not careful in taking off the mask, the hearing aids that go behind the ear can be flung far. Here are some tips to keep your hearing aids safe:   If you’re in a store or […]

Unitron Hearing Aid Review

Unitron is a hearing aid company that is based in Canada and is owned by Sonova AG. Unitron offers hearing aids in all types of sizes, which ranges from in-the-canal (ITC) to behind-the-ear (BTE), and different technology levels, ranging from entry (500) to premium (Pro). Like with many other manufacturers, they offer Bluetooth connectivity, rechargeable […]

Widex Moment 440 Hearing Aid Review

When listening to music through hearing aids, many patients perceive music to be distorted and they are unable to enjoy music. Sometimes the processing of the hearing aids causes that artificial sound and distorted signals.   With the Widex Moment 440, music will sound more natural and won’t have that distorted quality hearing aids have! The Moment […]

Relate 2.0 Reserve Hearing Aid Review

The Relate 2.0 Reserve is a hearing aid line that is offered by United Healthcare Hearing, also known as EPIC, and is manufactured by Unitron. Typically, this hearing aid will be offered to United Healthcare customers at a discounted price that is often less expensive than other hearing aid manufacturers depending on the health plan. The Relate 2.0 Reserve is a top-of-the-line hearing […]

Western Virginial University Audiology Program Review.

West Virginia University (WVU)’s Audiology program was once a 4-year program and is now a 3-year program. I am in the last cohort that is part of the 4-year program. In the 4-year program, the first 3 years are based on learning about the foundation skills needed for the field with clinic experiences starting our […]

Why Chose Gardner Audiology As My Doctoral Externship site?

During the application cycle, I was applying for sites that were primarily in the private practice sector. I had well-rounded experiences in the local hospital and in the local ENT office so I wanted more experience in a private practice. Gardner Audiology stood out because they had mentioned it was a fast-paced site, there were vestibular audiology opportunities, there was a unique loaner […]