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I have successfully completed my first semester of the Doctor of Audiology program!  After a bit of reflecting, I realized that one of my most important assignments this semester was also one of the most interesting.  We were instructed to observe audiologists in two separate facilities and write a paper about our experience.  It is important as a student to learn about the different environments we can work in after graduating.  The first setting I observed was an Ear, Nose, & Throat (ENT) physician’s office where the audiologist performed diagnostic testing.  In this setting, tests were performed efficiently and the results were passed on to the ENT.  It was very busy and I was able to observe a variety of patients with different needs, from ear infections to hearing loss due to aging.  The second location I observed was Gardner Audiology.  Although I work here, I very rarely get to see the audiologists in action.  Here, the appointments were a little longer, with time to discuss results and options with the patients.  I was able to see a hearing aid fitting, a few consultations following testing, as well as some follow up care visits.  Both settings had their advantages and in the end, it was a very informational experience and a great opportunity to learn more about the profession.      

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