Audiology Doctors Publish Hearing Aid Prices in St. Petersburg, Florida

Whether you are a new or experienced user, shopping for new hearing aids can be a stressful process. You ask yourself, who should I see, where should I go and how much will I pay. 

Although hearing aid vendors are obligated to show you their price list it is uncommon to see them publish them online or in direct mail. The most important part of getting good value is to choose the correct provider. We recommend you see an Audiology Doctor instead of a commissioned salesperson. 

Once you find a provider you trust how do you know if they are charging too much for the product they recommend? It is a good idea to shop around for a second opinion. Make sure you have your audiologist write down the make and model of the hearing aid they recommend. Start making phone calls and see what their competitors are charging for the same product.  
We have heard of patients paying $8000 for a pair of premium hearing aids when the same make and model from a different provider could cost half as much. 

Unlike most hearing healthcare professionals, Gardner Audiology Doctors published their hearing aid prices online.  They work with all major brands including Starkey, Widex, Signia, Phonak, Oticon and Unitron. It is difficult to compare pricing if you go to a provider that has a private label on their aids such as Miracle Ear and Audibel. Their private label aids are manufactured by one of the big six mentioned above, but they have locked their hearing aids so no one else can service them or compare pricing. Visit to review Gardner pricing on major brand aids. Gardner Audiology’s St. Petrersburg/S.Pasadena office is located at the Executive Building, 1135 Pasadena Avenue S., Suite 140, South Pasadena. Call 1-800-277-1182 or mail 

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