Audiologist Reviews the Phonak Paradise 90

Phonak’s Audeo Paradise was released last year and quickly became one of the most popular hearing aids on the market. It’s predecessor, the Audeo Marvel, was also extremely popular, being one of the first Android friendly hearing aids available.  

The Phonak Audeo P90 is Phonak’s premium level hearing aid. It is a receiver-in-canal style, meaning a small piece sits behind the ear, with a thin wire running down into the ear. Premium level hearing aids do the best at reducing background noise and functioning automatically. This means you should be able to leave the hearing aid alone the majority of the time and not have to worry about messing with the buttons on the hearing aid.  

Having tried out a set of Audeo P90s, I can confirm they do a good job at minimizing low level noise. Of all the manufacturers, I heard my hair on the microphones the least with these hearing aids. Patients also report they perform well in noise, and do particularly well on a windy day! 

Phonak has managed to create a hearing aid that communicates directly and streams media with all smartphones, including Androids! This has been a game changer. The limitation, however, lies in the way their Bluetooth and app work together. Any changes made through the myPhonak app (like volume) are very temporary. Anytime a sound comes through your phone, like a text or email notification, the hearing aids will go back to their default setting, instead of whatever volume you had set them to. This can be frustrating for patients, but ultimately, they are still the most seamless option for Android users.  

To see if the Phonak Paradise is a good fit for you, contact Gardner Audiology at 800-277-1182 or 

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