Audiologist Reviews Signia 1x Hearing Aid

The Signia 1x Pure 312 RIC is an entry level, over the ear style hearing aid with a thin tube that runs down into the ear.  It has become a more popular option for patients with certain health insurance plans who have this device covered with no out of pocket.   

One advantage to this device is the Bluetooth technology, allowing the hearing aids to connect to iPhones to use an app and stream phone calls and music through the hearing aids.  Overall, patients have been satisfied with the sound quality and find the 1x to be a comfortable to wear hearing aid.  It features two buttons on the back of each hearing aid, allowing easy control of volume from the hearing aid, in addition to being able to adjust from the iPhone app. 

A disadvantage of these hearing aids is they are made for iPhone, and are not compatible for streaming with Android devices.  The other limitation is how well these devices perform in noise.  The 1x is an entry-level device, meaning they are designed for people with a quieter lifestyle not relying on hearing in noisy or group environments.  This is a limitation of the level of technology, more than the manufacturer.  

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