Audiologist and CEO of Gardner Audiology reviews IPhone compatible Starkey Halo hearing aids in St. Petersburg Florida

My IPhone is a daily part of my business and personal life. It seems to always be by my side so, when Starkey announced that their new IPhone compatible Halo hearing aid was ready I was eager to try it out. I’ve been wearing hearing aids for 25 years and I always test out new technology before I recommend it to my patients.

I fit myself with the Halo hearing aids early this week. As always Starkey, a company that I have worked with for 35 years, provided me with stellar technical support about managing the special features of this product. I programmed the hearing aids with a custom prescription that was specific for my individual hearing loss. The aid was petite in size and fitted comfortably on my ear.

Trulink, the IPhone application for the Halo, was free and easy for to download from the apple store. Truelink made it simple to adjust the hearing aid volume and activate the special features of the aids by simply swiping and touching icons on my phone. It will be also easy for my patients to use this hearing aid. While I was experimenting with the adjustments my hearing aid alerted me that I had an incoming business phone call. I answered the call through the hearing aid. I heard the person on the other end very well and they heard me from the microphone in my hearing aid. Now I have the option of using the Halo hearing aid as my hands free Bluetooth device. I also have the option of disabling this feature if I choose to.

I am still experimenting with the Halo and will update everyone in a future post. I am very impressed with how this hearing aid connects to my IPhone but I am most impressed by the sound quality of the hearing aids by themselves. They sound natural. I can hear faint speech. Loud sounds are comfortable. This hearing aid is a success even without the IPhone.

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