Assistive hearing devices replace or enhance hearing aids in Citrus County, Florida

Hearing aids, when fit properly, help many people. At times though, and in certain situations, a little extra help is needed. This is where Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) or Hearing Assistive Technologies (HATs) may be warranted. There are several different options available, for use with or without hearing aids to help communicating easier, thereby less stressful.

  1. Amplified Telephones
    These are special phones available that have both volume and tone adjustment available. These phones may also have a flashing light to accompany the ring. Text telephones are also available, which allow phone conversations to be typed and read rather than spoken and heard.
    Here in Citrus County, CHIPS (Citrus Hearing Impaired Program Services) provides free phones through the FTRI (Florida Telecommunications Relay, Inc.) Phone Program. To obtain a phone you must be a Florida resident with hearing or speech loss. To receive specialized telephone equipment, you must provide proof of eligibility (residency and hearing loss).
    CHIPS is located at:
    109 NE Crystal Street Suite B
    Crystal River, FL 34428
  2. Alarm Systems
    There is a wide range of home alert and alarm systems designed to accommodate people with hearing loss.

    • Loud doorbells/Visual doorbell alerting
      Activate audible alarms, bright lights or vibrating signals from the smoke alarm.
    • Wake-up alarms (loud bell or vibrating clock)
      Devices provide a super loud alarm as well as a visual alarm indicator. A powerful bed shaker and/or a lamp flasher connection are usually also available.
    • Smoke alarms
      Strobe lights throughout the home are activated by smoke alarms and alert to fire conditions. Some will produce a loud, mixed low-pitched sound. Research has shown that a loud, mixed low-pitched sound is often more effective for waking people of all ages than the loud high-pitched sound of a traditional smoke alarm. This is also effective, because as we age our ability to hear high-pitched sounds generally decreases. People who are deaf may find that a pillow or bed shaker is also helpful to wake them up.
  3. Home Loop Systems
    A hearing loop can be completed in home, and connect to a television, CD player, stereo system, or MP3 player. An induction loop wire is permanently installed (typically under a carpet or in the ceiling) and connects to the microphone used by the device. By broadcasting through one’s own customized hearing aids, loop systems work especially well.

Video’s demonstrating the functionality of several of these systems is available on Florida’s Hearing Loss Association of America’s website: -under the resources tab.

As stated earlier, when fit properly hearing aids help many people. However, there are always times when a little extra assistance is needed, and we cannot forget the times that hearing aids are not worn (i.e. sleeping). Having something dependable to alert or aid the hearing impaired provides assurance to everyone involved. Here at Gardner Audiology we would be glad to provide you with information or assistance in acquiring devices upon request.

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