A Review of Signia’s Styletto X Hearing Aid by Audiologist

Signia’s Styletto X provides a unique spin on the traditional hearing aid.  Pictured above, the Styletto X features a very slim profile.  It is slightly longer that traditional hearing aids, which is how they are able to deliver the slim design. 

The Styletto X is rechargeable and comes with a very portable charging case.  The case does hold several charges without needing to be plugged into a power source, which is convenient.  These hearing aids are also smartphone compatible.  A downside is they are designed more for iPhone users, and are not as Android friendly.  Another disadvantage for some users of the Styletto X is the lack of buttons onboard the device.  All adjustments to volumes or programs must be made through the app, and cannot be made from the hearing aid.  

One new feature we appreciate as providers is the ability to change out the wire that runs down into the ear in office.  Prior generations had to be sent in for repair to Signia to have that wire changed, which was a major inconvenience for patients.   

Want to learn more about the Signia Styletto X?  Contact Gardner Audiology at 800-277-1182 or gardneraudiology.com! 

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