5 Tips to Help You Advocate for Your Better Hearing

I am passionate about helping our Gardner Audiology patients to be more in control of their hearing healthcare and feeling like they have a voice. Many patients are not aware of how hearing loss impacts their life. Here are some tips to help YOU become the best advocate for improving your hearing.

  1. Being an advocate for yourself requires you to know yourself better than before. Knowing your personal goals of what you want the outcome of your hearing appointments to be is the first step into becoming an advocate for yourself or loved one. Everyone suffering from hearing loss deserves to feel as if their needs are valid and being listened to. 
  2. Always ask questions at the beginning of your appointment in order of most important concern to least important. For instance: Share what your most difficult listening situations are? This will show your hearing healthcare provider that you are not in denial about hearing loss. This will also show the provider that you’re serious about wanting to hear better. Communication is a major factor in your journey of self-advocacy for better hearing.
  3. BE HONEST. Your care team can only provide you with the best feedback and dialogue as long as you are being honest about what is going on. Share if you are self-conscious about wearing hearing aids. Are you willing to compromise better hearing with cosmetic issues?  Being an advocate for yourself means sharing your personal preferences.
  4. Have a support system. Having a person like a friend or family member accompany you for hearing appointments is very helpful. It is good to have an extra set of ears when you visit a hearing healthcare provider.  Your support person can even help remember and translate some of the language that hearing providers use.  
  5. Advocate for others to improve their hearing! Standing up for yourself is challenging. Share your better hearing experience with others. 

When is comes to hearing aids, Who you see is more important that the brand you buy. See an Audiology Doctor, not a Salesman.

Gardner Audiology is here to help you improve the quality of your life with the best possible hearing. Call 1-800-277-1182 for an appointment at one of our 10 Tampa Bay locations.

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