2024 Hearing Aid Providers for Ultimate Health Plans in Hernando and Pasco Counties

Did you know that Ultimate Health’s Medicare Advantage plan typically offers hearing aid benefits for their members? Gardner Audiology providers are in-network with Ultimate Health Plans for your hearing exam and if needed, hearing aids. Hearing aids are offered through 20/20 Hearing, the third party who administers the hearing benefits for Ultimate Health Plan members. […]

Pinellas County Blue Cross Blue Shield 2024 Hearing Providers.

If you have a Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance plan, you may have hearing aid benefits. Blue Cross Blue Shield plans are nationwide, and benefits depend on your individual policy. The Gardner Audiology Doctors are in-network with not only Florida Blue, but we’re a preferred in-network provider for all Blue Cross Blue Shield contracts! The […]

WS Audiology (WSA) builds Widex, Signia and Rexton Hearing Aids

WS Audiology, also known as WSA, is a multinational hearing aid manufacturer that strives to “to deliver Wonderful Sound for All” by integrating their services in different markets and in price points to make hearing care accessible by all. This company was first created when two brands, Widex and Sivantos, merged in 2019 and is […]

Starkey Hearing Aid Manufacturer 2024 Updates and Review

William F. Austin founded Starkey Hearing Technologies in 1967 in Minnesota. “Hear better. Live Better,” is a motto that Starkey believes strongly in, knowing that hearing plays an important role in our mental and physical health, as well as overall quality of life. Last year Starkey launched their Genesis AI platform, featuring a super-fast processing hearing […]

OTICON Hearing Aid Manufacturer 2024 Updates and Review

Hans Demant, the founder of Oticon, started the company with a passion to help his wife, who was hearing impaired. The current Polaris hearing aid models drives the Real (receiver in the ear and behind the ear) and Own (custom in the ear) hearing aids. Oticon’s philosophy of BrainHearing™ claims to support the brain by […]

Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Overview of Hearing Aid Coverage – 2024

Did you know that some Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) insurance plans include hearing aid benefits? Blue Cross Blue Shield plans are offered nationwide. There are many different plans available, and benefits will depend on individual policy coverage. The Gardner Audiology Doctors are in-network with Florida Blue, and we are also a preferred in-network provider […]

Aetna Insurance Overview of Hearing Aid Coverage – 2024

January 1 brings the start of new health insurance plans for many. Even if your plan has not changed, some benefits may have restarted or reset with the new year. Did you know that if you are a member of the Aetna Medicare Advantage plans you are likely to have a benefit toward hearing aids? […]

What In the World Is a Third-Party Hearing Aid Provider?

Today’s hearing aid insurance benefits can be very confusing. Some plans do not offer any insurance benefits toward hearing aids. Some offer “discount pricing,” while others have a dollar amount offered toward the purchase of hearing aids. Often insurance companies opt out of managing the hearing aid benefits offered, and instead farm it out to […]

Why Should I Have My Hearing Screened or Tested?

Hearing is a part of your health history, and everyone should have a baseline hearing screening performed, even if you do not think you are having any hearing difficulty. Just as you have your vision screened and your teeth cleaned and checked, you should also have your hearing screened. Having a baseline allows us a […]

Why Should You Wear Your Hearing Aids Every Day?

Sometimes patients tell me they only wear their hearing aids when they go out somewhere. I hear “I live alone, why should I wear my hearing aids at home?” To be honest, the percentage of people who need hearing aids who have them and wear them regularly is far too low. Not wearing hearing aids […]

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