5 Tips to Help You Advocate for Your Better Hearing

I am passionate about helping our Gardner Audiology patients to be more in control of their hearing healthcare and feeling like they have a voice. Many patients are not aware of how hearing loss impacts their life. Here are some tips to help YOU become the best advocate for improving your hearing. Being an advocate […]

What to Expect at Your Hearing Test Appointment in Tampa Bay.

Your family members are saying that you are not hearing well, and when you are talking to your grand kids, they appear to be mumbling. You know that someone is talking to you, but they do not sound clear. You heard your wife say, “Olive juice,” but she really said, “I love you!” These are […]

How to Repair and Revive Hearing Aids at Home

Have you been going along about your day and realized “My hearing aids don’t sound as clear as they normally do”. The number one cause of this is very simple and you can take care of it in the comfort of your own home! Usually, when a hearing aid stops working it is just full […]

Gardner Audiology Team Approach for the Best Hearing in Tampa Bay.

Choosing the best hearing health care provider these days can be daunting.  Everywhere we look, newspapers, online, magazines and pharmacies you will see advertisements for hearing aids.  Here in Inverness, we know you have several options; however, all are not created equally.    Gardner Audiology employs doctors of Audiology and carefully selected and trained Hearing Instrument […]

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