2024 Starkey Evolv 1000 Hearing Aid Review

Most hearing aid manufacturers offer a very basic entry level hearing aid at a lower cost. Often these hearing aids may not be their latest technology but may be a generation back.  Many of the Medicare Advantage plans offer these hearing aids at no or low cost. These hearing aids may be rechargeable or have changeable batteries. 

Starkey, the only US manufacturer of the big 6 hearing aid manufacturers, offers the Evolv AI 1000 hearing aid as their most basic offering. This hearing aid is available in behind the ear, receiver in the canal, and custom in the ear hearing aids. These hearing aids are Bluetooth and will connect with iPhones and many Android phones.  While they are very basic and do not have noise management to help in noisy settings, most models do have directional microphones to focus you on sound from the front when you are in those noisy settings. These hearing aids have fall detection sensors in them that when connected to an app on a smart phone, can send an alert to the person of your choice if you were to fall.  

These hearing aids may not be the latest technology, but they are a solid reliable product. They are best suited for those with a quiet lifestyle.  

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