Starkey Livio Hearing Aid Pricing in Palm Harbor, Florida

Starkey set out to redefine the hearing aid, and they delivered.  The Starkey Livio AI not only provides exceptional sound quality by utilizing artificial intelligence, but also includes additional health features such as activity tracking and fall detection.  It is compatible with a smart phone app that gives users control over their devices, allowing for fine […]

Oticon OPN S Hearing Aid Pricing in Citrus Park, Tampa, Florida

The OPN S is Oticon’s newest line of hearing aids. Features such as wireless Bluetooth connectivity, rechargeability, and noise reduction have attracted many new hearing aid users. The OPN S hearing aid technology constantly scans the environment, trying to learn what sounds are most important to you in each moment! This doesn’t just cut out background noise, but it works […]

Signia Styletto Hearing Aid Pricing in South Pasadena/St. Petersburg, Florida

Gardner Audiology in South Pasadena/St. Petersburg, Florida is an authorized provider of the Signia Styletto X.  The Styletto is touted as being a slim, high tech, and stylish hearing aid option.  It comes with a sleek charging case and is compatible with smart phones.  It also features an onboard ‘mask mode’ that can improve understanding when wearing masks.  If you are looking for […]

Signia Styletto Hearing Aid Pricing in Tampa/Citrus Park, Florida

Signia’s Styletto X tests the boundaries of traditional hearing aids!  It comes in several unique colors and features a slim design setting it apart from other manufacturers.  It is compatible with a smart phone app for customized control, and has a small charging case great for portability!  Garnder Audiology in Citrus Park, Florida has the ability to […]

Signia Styletto Hearing Aid Pricing in Palm Harbor, Florida

The Signia Styletto X is a great hearing aid for people wanting a device that doesn’t look like a hearing aid!  Featuring a slim design in trendy colors, the Styletto has transformed the idea of what a hearing aid ‘should’ look like.  It is also rechargeable and phone compatible! Gardner Audiology in Palm Harbor, Florida is an authorized Signia Styletto provider!  The below pricing is for different models of the Styletto, […]

Citrus Park, Tampa, Florida Phonak Paradise Hearing Aid Pricing

It’s not uncommon for patients to do research on hearing aids before coming in for an appointment. Lately, patients have been coming in asking about the new Phonak Audeo Paradise. Paradise is Phonak’s newest line of hearing aids, and offers their most natural sound quality yet. Thanks to Bluetooth connectivity and smart-technology, these hearing aids can double as ear buds, a phone headset, and […]

Phonak Audeo Paradise Hearing Aid Pricing in Palm Harbor, Florida

Phonak Audeo Paradise is here! Phonak’s newest hearing aid offers their most natural sound quality yet. Bundled with Bluetooth connectivity – which allows for streaming of phone calls, music, and other media – this hearing aid is basically a one-stop-shop! You can even answer and end phone calls just by pressing the buttons on the device. Better yet, you don’t […]