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2021 Baycare Medicare Advantage Hearing Aid Providers in Pinellas, County

Hearing aid benefits are now being offered to BayCare Medicare Advantage members! These benefits include deep discounts on hearing aids that you just can’t pass up!

In 2021, BayCare Medicare Advantage is offering members hearing aid benefits through a third-party company. Many insurance plans are doing this nowadays, and BayCare Medciare Advantage has even done it in the past. This year, BayCare Medicare Advantage is contracting with TruHearing to give members access to hearing aid benefits.

TruHearing has a couple of different plans within their company, and BayCare Medicare Advantage works through their “TruHearing Select” plan. This means that members have access to a limited amount of hearing aids, though they are greatly discounted compared to their other plans! The hearing aids offered by TruHearing for BayCare Medicare Advantage members are high-quality and comparable to hearing aids offered by major manufacturers. Included in the purchase of the hearing aids is a 3-year warranty and a 45-day trial period! TruHearing will even cover the copay for a few additional follow up visits. In Palm Harbor, Florida, Gardner Audiology is an in-network provider for BayCare Medicare Advantage members.

If you’re a BayCare Medicare Advantage member and looking to maximize your hearing aid benefit in Tampa Bay, please contact Gardner Audiology at 1-800-277-1182 or email to schedule an appointment.

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