Hearing Aid Trials in Palm Harbor, Florida

An important part of new hearing aids is the trial period.  This is the time that allows you to evaluate if a certain hearing aid model or manufacturer is the best fit for you.  Gardner Audiology in Palm Harbor, Florida offers extended trial periods for just that reason!    The Gardner doctor you see will evaluate your hearing and […]

How Can I Save Money on Hearing Aids in Tampa Bay, Florida?

We get it, hearing aids are expensive! Depending on the level of technology you are interested in, you may be looking at a range of prices anywhere from $1000-$8000 for a pair of hearing aids. There are, however, affordable ways of going about getting hearing aids other than using a family member’s old set!  Nowadays, many insurance […]

Can Hearing Aids Damage My Hearing?

A common misconception about hearing aids is that they further damage your hearing over time… Not true! Rather than causing further progression of hearing loss, they actually help stabilize your hearing ability.  Hearing loss, in general, is naturally progressive. Over time, you can expect your hearing to slowly decline. If you have hearing loss, you want to try […]

Best Resound Audiologist in South Pasadena/St. Petersburg, Florida is Dr. Rachel Conter

While technology is important in the performance of your hearing aids, your hearing healthcare provider is just as important, if not more! While hearing aids are very smart, and can do several things automatically, you want to have an experienced and qualified professional working with you to help tweak the programming for some minor adjustments […]

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