Dunnellon, Florida, Hearing Doctor offers Signia Hearing Aid Mask Mode

Do you have trouble understanding people with a mask on? Have you heard of the Signia app’s new Mask Mode feature?  Dr. Angela Schenk, a Dunnellon Audiologist, is an authorized Signia Hearing aid provider. She is knowledgeable about the new Signia mask mode.   COVID-19 has changed a lot of our life aspects, especially wearing a mask. Whether you have a hearing impairment or […]

How Much Do Hearing Aids Cost in Crystal River, Citrus County Florida?

After being diagnosed with a hearing loss, there are many questions that can arise about treating it with hearing aids.  What style is best for your type of hearing loss? How active is your lifestyle? What options, such as rechargeable batteries or phone connectivity, are important for you? Above all, what will they cost?   U.S. data suggests that hearing aids […]

Crystal River, FL Starkey Rechargeable Hearing Aid Provider

In today’s technology era, most of our devices simply need to be plugged or placed onto a charger. The same is true for the newest generation of hearing aids! Gone are the days of remembering to buy and change your hearing aid batteries. Now you simply place them in their charger overnight, and they should be […]

See a Doctor, Not a Salesman, to Buy Phonak Hearing Aids in Crystal River, Florida

Phonak, one of the six major hearing aid manufacturers, constantly pushes the envelope with the newest technological advances. They were one of the first manufacturers to release a hearing aid with Bluetooth connectivity for both apple and android smart phones.  Their latest hearing aid, the Phonak Marvel, is able to connect with a smart phone without the use of […]

Signia Hearing Aids new Mask Mode in Spring Hill, Florida

Do you currently wear Signia’s hearing aid? Are you having trouble understanding people with a mask on? If so, then have you heard of Signia’s new Mask Mode? If you are wearing hearing aids, you probably have difficulty understanding people with masks on since you rely on hearing and reading their lips. Fortunately, Signia updated […]