Best Phonak hearing aid repair lab in Marion county, Dunnellon.

Phonak is a popular hearing aid brand in Florida.  Like all hearing aids, they need support with service and repair. Gardner Audiology in Dunnellon, Inverness, and Crystal River, Florida is dedicated to supporting consumers who purchased Phonak hearing aids.  Our onsite repair labs can often fix a Phonak aid on the same day. We are an authorized Phonak provider […]

The best Starkey hearing aid provider is in Marion county, Dunnellon, Florida

Gardner Audiology has been an authorized Starkey hearing aid provider for the past 45 years. Over the lifespan of Starkey we have seen them pioneer many new hearing technologies without the obstacles that other world brand hearing aid companies experience.  As the only American owned global hearing aid manufacturer, Starkey helps American professionals, such as Gardner Audiology, to solve patent hearing problems with innovation and inspiration.   Their new line of Livio artificial intelligence hearing aids are an example […]

Premier Widex Hearing aid Doctor in Dunnellon. Marion county, Florida

Looking into trying the new Widex hearing aids?  Gardner Audiology in Dunnellon, Florida is an authorized Widex hearing aid center.  Dr. Angela Schenk is your Dunnellon Gardner Audiologist and is an expert in working with all Widex hearing aids.  The new Widex hearing aids, Moment, offers a pure and natural sound quality, streaming to Apple and most Android smartphones, Artificial Intelligence […]

Premier Marion county hearing Doctor repairs Widex hearing aids in Dunnellon.

Problems with your Widex hearing aids in Marion county, Florida? Many Widex repairs are simple and can be resolved in our Gardner Audiology Dunnellon office on the same day. That means you will not have to be without your hearing aids.   Tips for at home care and how to do several of the above can be found at Gardner Audiology’s website (  “How To Videos” tab.  If we are unable […]

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