Citrus County Tips for Loved Ones of Hearing Aid Users from Gardner Audiology

You or someone you know may have difficulty hearing and they have decided to do something about their hearing loss. Gardner Audiology makes this new experience with hearing aids as comfortable as possible with these tips to loved ones and family members. Try your best not to raise your voice. It will take some practice […]

Gardner Audiology Hearing Health: Can loud sounds cause hearing loss?

Protecting one’s ears from sounds that are too loud is very important. Hearing loss can be a direct result of choosing to not wear hearing protection. This type of hearing loss that is caused by loud sounds is known as noise-induced hearing loss or for short NIHL. A NIHL can occur immediately or gradually after […]

Marion County Communication Tips for Hearing Aid users and their Family

Whether you use hearing aids, have a cochlear implant or you simply have mild, untreated hearing loss, learning new communication strategies is a great idea. Communication strategies can help to eliminate frustration or isolating effects of missing out on or misinterpreting conversations. These tips can help you make meaningful connections with others. Here are a […]

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