Starkey Hearing Aid Model 2018 Review by Gardner Audiology

Starkey Hearing Technologies was founded in1967 by William F. Austin with headquarters based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. The premise of the company was and is, “Alone we can’t do much. Together, we can change the world.” With a heavy focus on philanthropy, Starkey Hearing Technologies donates to the Starkey Hearing Foundation, which allows the delivery […]

Widex Hearing Aid 2018 Review by Gardner Audiology

Widex was founded in Denmark in 1956. Their headquarters are located in Lynge, Denmark and feature an environmentally friendly design typical of Danish tradition. Their hearing aids are currently sold in more than 100 countries around the world. A main goal of Widex is to give listeners the full spectrum of sound, allowing a more […]

Oticon Hearing Aid 2018 Review by Gardner Audiology

Oticon, based in Copenhagen, Denmark, was founded in 1904 by Hans Demant, with a passion to help his wife who was was hearing impaired. They stand behind the philosophy of BrainHearing™, which supports your brain by providing optimal conditions to understand sound. The Oticon Hearing Foundation support humanitarian missions to provide access to hearing healthcare […]

Resound Hearing Aid 2018 Review by Gardner Audiology

ReSound, part of The GN Group, can trace its roots back to 1943. Their headquarters are located in Ballerup, Denmark. They follow the four cornerstones of Smart Hearing technology, audiology, connectivity, apps and design to empower people with hearing loss. The have received multiple awards, many focused on their product innovation. Notable features of ReSound: […]

Phonak Hearing Aid 2018 Review by Gardner Audiology

Phonak, part of the Sonova Group, is a Swiss company that can trace its beginnings back to 1947 and made its way to the United States in 1989. Phonak is known for their FM technology, which is highly used in school settings. Their mission is to be passionate about creating hearing solutions that change people’s […]

Unitron Hearing Aid 2018 Review by Gardner Audiology

Unitron, part of the Sonova Group, is a Canadian company established in 1964. Their headquarters are located in the Waterloo region of Canada. Unitron supports the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides, as well as Hear The World Foundation, providing disadvantaged children access to sustainable audiological care and speech therapy. Notable features of Unitron: Strong […]

Doctors Fit Hearing Aids Remotely

A unique aspect of Gardner Audiology is our incorporation of telemedicine, which is the ability to remotely diagnose and treat patients utilizing videoconferencing and remote services. Many of our patients have have experienced telehealth visits for their follow-up hearing aid appointments, and for adjusting their hearing aids. During a telehealth visit, the audiologist will video […]